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bogeria per una llibreta? by Atka Kevlarsjal
Abril 3, 2008, 11:35 am
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Us faig arribar aquest enllaç, que em va fer riure ahir la nit i amb el qual m’hi vaig identificar prou:

Moleskine Notebooks: The Ultimate Guide (and how to rank your addiction)

Goodbye gadgets

After years spent tracking the latest gadget trends, handing over my credit card for a PDA upgrade every 4-6 months, and receiving odd glances in public for reading The Gawkish Geek’s Guide to Gadgets (monthly), I gave up my fancy gizmos and electronic organisers for good.

Hello Moleskine

In recognition of the intense effort it takes for a self-confessed gadget geek to drop his ‘habit’, I hope you won’t mind when I admit to replacing it with another: the love of Moleskine notebooks. These simple notebooks are both beautiful and relatively gentle on the wallet.

Una anàlisi brillant i sincera d’un fenomen prou curiós, el d’aquestes llibretetes… tan xules 😀 Jo estic a la part baixa de l’escala, encara. Tot i que a punt de pujar gràcies a algunes idees que he trobat just en aquesta entrada!


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My Catalan is not very good, but I wanted to stop by and say thanks for the mention — glad you enjoyed the post!

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